Spring Fever

There was nothing balmy about today’s weather in New England and it snowed in the New York area, but there is something absolutely hopeful about the first day of Spring.  This date on the calendar portends all good things ahead.   Leisurely strolls versus hurried sprints from one point to another.   I lift my head out of its winter position tucked snugly into my coat collar and wool scarf.  I make eye contact, nod and smile at people I pass.  I notice the color of a house that might have been painted months ago but only now looks fresh and reborn.  The wintry hue of whites and grays is replaced by vibrant blues and soon (though not yet) green!   I feel a renewed energy, bolstered as I inhale the first smells of Spring (probably only imagined this early in the season).   Standing taller, shoulders back, smiling, I know that I can do anything.   Yes I can!

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