Salad, sushi and a steady diet of magazines…

“Feed me!”   It’s almost as if my brain screams to be nourished with a steady diet of magazines.   Look around my office and home and there’s always a nearby pile of current issues of Time, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Fortune, Vanity Fair, More, Home and, recently even People Magazine.

I have my favorite columns such as “Made to Stick” in Fast Company.  I typically start by reading Time’s “Verbatim” before checking out my favorite columnists.  While I love Newsweek’s “Perspectives,” I hate their new layout which barely distinguishes between advertising and editorial.  I find BusinessWeek’s shorter-format stories make it easier to digest the business news I want to know.   I confess that I only read one or two of the Vanity Fair stories each month but I most often love the cover and photography.  I nurture the mature woman dimension of my personality with More magazine and love the articles that talk about being better, smarter, more beautiful and more confident at this stage of life than we were in our twenties.

As I flip through the pages I make note of stories I want to share with family, friends and clients.  (I usually start off reading hard copy  and often go online to forward electronic versions of my favorite articles.)  I get ideas.  I become curious about things I’d like to explore in greater depth.  I tuck away in my brain thoughts about leadership, managers, communication or creativity that I hope I can retrieve as I’m developing my next workshop.  And I tear out reminders about technology, clothing or make-up I think I’d like to buy.

There are those moments when I feel too-stuffed (aka busy, stressed or exhausted) to read another word, but most often I love feasting on my magazine diet.  As I nourish my body with salad and sushi, Time and Fast Company nurture my mind.

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