Loeb Group Workshop and Coaching Tools for Corporate Executives and Agency Professionals


The following are some of the tools used in Loeb Group training and coaching. Download our complementary checklists, grids and templates about communication, presentation, messaging, management and client service skills.


Shape Your Message Worksheet

Presentation Chunking

Presentation Constructive Critique

“The Loeb Group’s ‘6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map’ provides a clear structure to help me prepare for the tough conversations that seemed so daunting in the past.”
(Account Supervisor at PR Firm)

“Using The Loeb Group’s messaging tool, ‘Shape Your Story: Drive Message Clarity’ helped me clarify how I want to talk about our new announcement. Simple and smart.”
(Chief Technology Officer of technology company)

Leadership Self-Assessments

6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map

Coaching Personal Action Plan

These tools are intended to accompany Loeb Group training.  Please let us know if you’d like to explore the Loeb Group training or coaching that would give these tools context and meaning.