Nail it!

A recent Boston Globe editorial wonders if “Screaming extremism” is in response to the  24/7 noise, clutter, information overload that makes it impossible to be heard.   Author Neal Gabler wonders if those “vying for attention in a high-decibel world” need to resort to doing “something so startling that you effectively stop the conversation altogether.”

Gabler continues, “It has always been the squeaky wheel that got the grease.  Now it is the savage movement and vicious individual that gets the attention — not because they are necessarily more bloodthirsty than their fanatical forebears, though they may well be, but because they are more dedicated to standing out amid the clutter.  And they have to go farther to do so.”

Another option for those looking to stand out amid the clutter is to “nail it.”  Strip away all the rambling, preambles, the shouting and endless blah-blah and nail your message in a succinct, compelling way that resonates with your audience.  Have a point and make it clearly and persuasively.

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