Monday Morning Brain Clutter

My Monday morning to-do list defies the time management and organization best practices I espouse.   “I’m only human,” I keep chanting as I look at the sea of colorful post-it notes adorning my bulletin board, laptop, and too-many piles on my desk.  Though I know to ask myself, “what is the most important use of my time right now?” my brain is too-cluttered with reminders to send a client pre-workshop readings, to call the plumber about a leaking toilet before 25 guests arrive for this weekend’s early Passover seder (a Loeb family tradition), to call the store about my daughter’s prom shoes, to send the invitation for another client’s workshop, to draft the debrief from last week’s super creative and fun planning session with the Loeb Group trainers, not to mention posting a blog….  So I remind myself to breathe, to do a brain dump (in one place) of all the myriad tasks, to realistically anticipate how long each will take and which should come first.  I step back and rationally identify my goals for this week (keeping in mind what is humanly possible) and then prioritize.   Okay…I’m back in control, making smart decisions and have stopped anxiously biting my cuticles.  Life is good.

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