Images and Our Unspoken Communication

What image best represents who we are and the reality others perceive about us?

A recent experience renewing my passport got me thinking…I dutifully filled out the forms and went to the local FedEx/Kinkos to take new passport photos.  I smiled, ready, but was told that we are supposed to look expressionless in passport photos.  The photo that resulted is dull and almost scary-looking and bears no resemblance to the person I am — but it will represent me on my passport for the next ten years.   Looking at this image of me you might imagine that I was at the very least depressed and, at worst, that I was dangerous.   So tell me why “expressionless” is the preferred look for a document that will be used to evaluate our identity when we travel?

Images create an impression.  Images tell a story about you.   Are you happy with what your image is telling others about you?

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