Here’s to Mothers!

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to the biggest, most gratifying, sometimes most frustrating but always, always, always most important job in the world.  Here’s to mothers!

In one of the many wonderful Mother’s Day cards I received from my family today, my two teenagers described me as the “spinal cord of the family.”   Wow!  What a beautiful metaphor for how important I am to them.   I’ve read and re-read that card throughout today and will keep it close by for those moments when our relationship doesn’t feel quite so adoring.

Today my 18 year-old son and 16-year old daughter thanked me for all I do to make their very good lives possible. They commented on our evolving relationship as they seek greater independence and I struggle to give them the autonomy and respect they deserve without abdicating my responsibilities as a parent…or more specifically…as a mother!

As my kids describe me as the spinal cord of our family, my sisters and I always described my mother as the glue of our family growing up.    Though as adults my sisters and I have each put our own mark on how we parent, there is no question that we are consciously replicating so many of the values, interests and commitments that we learned from our mother including love of family, commitment to community, progressive politics, respect for learning and those around us, and absolutely how to create a home where kids of all ages feel warmly welcomed and well-fed!

Though I enjoy a gratifying professional career, as did my mother (a teacher and political activist), my mother believed and I know that our most important role in life is raising happy, smart, confident and caring individuals.  

So here’s to mothers — to my very special role as mother to my children, in loving memory of my mother and mother-in-law, and with huge respect for all mothers!

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