Evolving good intentions into consistent habits

Early in 2011 I unveiled my new SEO-friendly website (The Loeb Group) and embarked on a strategic web-marketing effort. I thought more carefully about how I used LinkedIn, tweeted daily (mostly sharing others’ tweets that I found insightful), made a point of actively participating (aka commenting) as a member of many professionally-relevant LinkedIn groups and focused on writing two to three blogs per week. I was on a roll and very soon started to reap the benefits of my hard work. Prospective clients found me via google searches. Long-standing clients checked back to discuss doing more work together.

I’m here to testify that this web marketing stuff does work! The only problem was that I soon found myself without a spare moment to keep up with my good web marketing intentions. A week went by with no new blogging. Then a few weeks, a month and too quickly more than two months had passed. While google searches still generated many Beryl Loeb and The Loeb Group links, I could no longer boast that there were pages of links.  

My good intentions had not yet evolved into consistent habits.  Worse…Without doing something quickly — blogging, posting and tweeting — I ran the risk of becoming less and less visible. So I’m back…chastened and committing to getting into the web marketing routine again. 

I’m filled with the best of intentions and hoping that this time, with the knowledge that the effort pays off and that I absolutely need to keep working at it, that I will really, really, really make web marketing a habit.  

Wish me luck…

2 Responses to “Evolving good intentions into consistent habits”

  1. Hi Beryl,

    I too share your experience. I find I am rather bursty! I will any tips that I find help me stay on task. Keep in touch!


    Peggy M.

  2. Deb says:

    I nodded as I read this. One of the nice things about web acitivity is that posts/tweets/comments equals visibility. But if people aren’t judicious, some of it starts to feel like spam. I want to promote what I write, but I also want to build relationships. For the last two months, at least in my circles, I was seeing a lot of crass marketing, and I got nervous about being associated with it. That’s part of why I’ve taken the month of August off from Facebook, Twitter and Google + (unless it’s to link to my blogs). I’m already seeing my blog stats go down, but that’s okay. I’ve got a few more weeks to figure it out.

    I thought you had a thoughtful strategy and execution before- your posts about communication were always on point- much like this one 🙂 Glad you’re back and I look forward to reading more.

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