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Hammer and nailClients tell us that Loeb Group workshops nail it! The training experience is relevant and the trainers blend their content expertise with deep understanding of the client’s organization, culture, strengths and areas for development. The problems tackled, scenarios explored and facilitated discussions are all customized for each workshop. At the end of each training session, the participants have stronger skills, new insights and greater confidence.

In each of the categories below we’ve listed a few of the workshops we offer:

Executive Spokesperson Media Training: How to Master the Media Interview (with videotaped constructive critique)

“I’d recommend Loeb Group training for anyone going before the press, no matter how experienced they think they are.”
(Manager at global financial services firm.)

“The Loeb Group trainers went beyond the usual advice by engaging in the content of each individual’s speech…Our presenters valued the practical, encouraging and actionable advice.”
(COO at global management consulting firm)

“The Loeb Group trainer blended experience, expertise, enthusiasm and motivation to help us learn the skills we need as spokespersons.”
(Senior level manager at a Fortune 100 technology company)

When a spokesperson needs to prepare for a media tour to announce a new product launch; when your company is gearing up for wanted or unwanted media scrutiny; when your company has a policy that every spokesperson needs to be media trained before talking with the press; or when your executives ramble or talk in “corporate speak” and reporters aren’t hearing anything worth quoting.

  • Spokesperson Training: How to Shape Your Story in Media Interviews
  • How to Polish Your Media Interview Readiness and Refresh Your Messaging
  • How to Develop Media-Friendly Messaging

Sample Loeb Group tool: Shape Your Message Worksheet

Executive Presentation Skills Training: How to Boost Your Presentation Impact (with videotaped constructive critique)

When your presenters are deadly dull; when your C-level executives need to rehearse a major presentation; or when your CEO and CFO need to “polish” their communication before important investor meetings.

  • Showcase Ideas Not Slides: How to Create Compelling Presentations
  • Polish Your Presentations: How to Create Conversations and Connections with Your Audience.
  • How to Become a Powerful Storyteller and Other Presentation Techniques That Engage, Connect and Persuade
  • How to Move From Anticipation to Accolades: Presentation Fundamentals for Beginning Presenters
  • How to Get Heard in Executive Meetings
  • How to Facilitate Executive Meetings
  • How to Avoid the Three Biggest Reasons Why Presentations Fail
  • When Your Prospects Want to Become Part of Your Team: How to Win New Business Presentations

Sample Loeb Group tools: Presentation Chunking, Presentation Constructive Critique Leadership Self-Assessments

Interpersonal Communication Skills Training: How to Boost the Impact of Your One-on-One Communication (with videotaped constructive critique)

When managers and senior executives avoid having tough conversations because they don’t want to rock the boat and they haven’t noticed that the boat is already sinking; when they hope problems will go away before they have to say anything; and when they don’t know how to give constructive and actionable negative (or constructive positive) feedback.

  • Strategies and Tips to Master Feedback That Motivates and Improves Performance
  • How to Engage in Tough Conversations with Successful Outcomes
  • How to Advocate Successfully for Yourself and Your Team
  • Strategies and Tips to Master Interpersonal Communication Styles That Inspire

Sample Loeb Group tool: 6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map

Management Skills Training: Improving How You Get Things Done with the People You Manage (some sessions include videotaped constructive critique)

When a star individual performer is promoted to manager level but doesn’t know where to begin in order to motivate or delegate work to others; when a manager needs to boost a team’s performance and build employee loyalty; when a team is stuck –unmotivated and underperforming; when a manager is spending so much time “putting out fires” that great team members feel underappreciated; when a manager lacks the confidence to do his job; or when a manager doesn’t know how to advocate for her team or herself with her boss.

Many management skills workshops include “tag team role-playing,” a technique developed by The Loeb Group for helping workshop participants safely take risks.

  • Becoming a Manager: How to Make the Transition from Staff Member to Manager
  • How to Cultivate a New Team Energy & Commitment: Team Building for Managers
  • How to Get Results Without Authority
  • Manager-Level Communication: Roadmap for Critical Conversations, Clarifying Vague-isms, Listening to Hear and Feedback that Drives Constructive Change
  • How to Delegate and Boost Performance
  • How to Manage UP: Your Role in Enhancing Your Relationship with Your Manager
  • Strategies for Successful Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Sample Loeb Group tool: 6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map

Leadership Training: The People Skills It Takes to Lead (some sessions include videotaped constructive critique)

When managers are being considered for promotion to company leadership but don’t know what’s really expected of them or how to lead others; when leaders don’t know how to assert a leadership presence in meetings (and leadership presence doesn’t mean that the leader does all the talking); when a leader doesn’t know how to maintain and drive big-picture perspective; when leaders aren’t getting the respect they’d like from their teams, managers or peers; or when good leaders want to become even stronger leaders.

  • The Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Communicate
  • Collaborative Leadership Skills for Managers: How to Boost Team Commitment and Individual Performance
  • How to Be An Authentic Leader: Play to Your Strengths, Personality & Values
  • How to Expand Your Influence
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence: How to Become Aware of and Manage Emotions in Yourself and Others
  • Honing Leadership Mindset and Behaviors: How to Make the Transition from Manager to Leader
  • Leader-Level Communication: Roadmap for Critical Conversations, Clarifying Vague-isms, Listening to Hear and Feedback that Drives Constructive Change

Sample Loeb Group tools: 6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map, Leadership Self-Assessments

Exceeding Client’s Expectations: How to Boost the Quality of Internal and External Client Relationships (some sessions include videotaped constructive critique)

When you are brand new to the concept of client service but want to do a good job; when your relationship with your internal or external client looks more like two adversaries than two collaborators; when you’ve assumed the role of order taker; when you’re frustrated too often because your clients just don’t understand; when you’re working too hard to persuade your client to accept your ideas; or when you’re ready to move up to a deeper level of client service.

  • The Difference You Make: How to Master Your Role in Building Strong Client Relationships
  • How to Become a “Trusted Advisor”
  • How to Navigate Through Challenging Client Communication

Sample Loeb Group tool: 6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map

Personal Productivity & Organization: How to Get the Right Things Done Right

When your workdays are out of control and you’re drowning in missed deadlines; when you’re working harder and harder but getting less done; or when you’re getting a lot done but none of it really matters.

  • Master Your Day: How to Strategize Your Time, Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan, & Defeat Procrastination
  • How to Manage Yourself, Others and Even Your Boss for Real Results
  • How to Handle Competing Priorities: Uncover the Real Priorities, Set Workable Goals and Create Lists That Promote Action
  • Maximize Your Meetings: How to Ensure the Right Results and Create Accountability for Success
  • How to Make Your E-mail the Productive Tool It Should Be
  • Use Stress as a Motivator: How to Prevent Stress from Taking Control and Channel Stress to Drive Your Personal Productivity

If you need to boost your spokesperson media interview or presentation skills, interpersonal communication, leadership, management, client service or personal productivity and organization, let Loeb Group training help you.

Take us up on our offer for a free 30-minute phone call to talk about your needs. Tell us about the problems that you’re looking to solve. Chances are The Loeb Group training can be a helpful resource and if we’re not the right fit we’ll try to recommend another resource for you.