Facilitated Corporate Retreats and Team Building Activities

Leadership and musicThe members of an orchestra are individually superb musicians. But when performing with a talented conductor, the sounds they make together exceed anything they could have created on their own.  An outside facilitator plays a similar role for companies, harnessing the potential and possibilities.

Many companies look to an outside facilitator when they need to tackle a problem and group dynamic that would benefit from 1) objective perspective, 2) smart and creative retreat design, and 3) expert facilitation to make the volatile and vulnerable feel safe.

“Beryl Loeb consistently delivers great work for our company. From expert facilitation to top-notch media training, Beryl helps us get the best results.  Her approach and positive attitude really make a difference.”
(Senior marketing executive, consumer technology company)

“The Loeb Group exceeded our expectations with their creativity in designing our retreat, as well as their contagious, high-energy and dynamic facilitation. As a result, our group collaborated at the highest level and had fun working together.”
(VP marketing communications at a healthcare company.)

“We needed to tackle challenging and important discussions at a first meeting of a new leadership team. The Loeb Group’s presence as an outside facilitator signaled to the group the importance of this moment and created an environment in which each voice was heard and respected.” 
(President of an educational institution)

Other companies benefit from outside facilitation when they want business-focused team building activities to foster a new spirit of respectful collaboration and excitement.  A new team is coming together for a major initiative. A team is feeling stuck or stifled. Teams are working in polarizing silos.

The Loeb Group’s approach is to begin with a deep understanding of the situation, desired outcomes, culture and organizational sensitivities. There is a high-level of partnership in the retreat design to ensure that the agenda, discussions, exercises and activities push the group participants beyond their comfort zones, while still fitting within the company culture.  In the end, our clients tell us they are able to get to smarter, more creative solutions and stronger working relationships than they would have been able to without our facilitation help.

Would your group or meeting benefit from an outside facilitator? Let The Loeb Group help.