Loeb Group Training, Coaching and Facilitation for Corporate Executives

Corporate puzzle piecesThe Loeb Group helps CEOs, senior executives, managers and business teams learn how to communicate persuasively, lead distinctively and manage with confidence and passion through training, coaching and team building and retreat facilitation.

Our clients tell us that they benefit from working with us because our training, coaching and retreat facilitation are customized and constructive, Loeb Group trainers are dynamic and clearly expert, and the return on their investment in professional development is very high! We ground the programs we develop for our clients in concrete desired outcomes. The participants’ experience is practical, memorable and striking enough to capture their attention, while still maintaining a fit with their own culture.  Our clients feel The Loeb Group’s deep commitment to their success.

“The Loeb Group workshop changed the way we work.  We use the concepts they introduced in almost every meeting, presentation and conversation. They have a bunch of disciples here.”
(COO at financial services firm)

“We enjoyed the collaboration and sense of partnership The Loeb Group displayed in all of our interactions.” 
(COO at global management consulting firm)

The Loeb Group can help you if:

  • You’re stepping up into a new position with greater visibility and responsibility and need to hone your communication and presentation skills
  • You’ve been designated as a company spokesperson and are fearful about saying the wrong thing during media interviews.
  • You’ve been promoted because you were a star individual performer and now need to manage a team.
  • Your team is starting a new project with an important internal or external client and you’re looking for an expert facilitator to design and lead a team building retreat to jumpstart a collaborative relationship.

Is training, coaching or retreat facilitation what you need to ensure that you, your people and company are successful?  Tell us how we can help and we’ll schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your needs.