Communication Lessons for Managers from Patriots’ Star Quarterback Tom Brady

The Great Communicator A surprising headline to find on page one of today’s Boston Globe Sports section.

The New England Patriots’ star quarterback, Tom Brady, is a coach on the field — “tutoring, correcting, cajoling, applauding.”   As Brady describes it, “You take the learning when it comes, but it’s a constant process.  It happens in the meetings, happens in the walk-throughs, and happens in the games.”

The article’s analysis of Brady’s role as a communicator and coach on his team offers the following ten tips for managers in the workplace.

  1. Managing is a continuous process.
  2. Managers should have a crystal clear sense of their role.
  3. Managers need to listen, be open to questions from their team members.
  4. Managers need to tune into all possible options and anticipate the “what if’s.”
  5. Managers need to demonstrate a proven ability to execute.
  6. Managers need to have a clear understanding of their company’s “game plan,” and be able to drive that game plan forward.
  7. With consistent success comes greater trust by senior management to make independent decisions and improvise when necessary.
  8. Managers need to master the details (as Brady needs to be a “master of the minutiae that decides football games”) while still maintaining sight of the big picture.
  9. Managers need to be in sync with company leadership.
  10. Managers need to share both accountability and glory.

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