Change is Not Always Good

I like starting my day with a cup of coffee, The Boston Globe and the local news on WCVB-TV followed by Good Morning America or The Today Show.  Later in my office, I read the New York Times online. I subscribe to Time, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Vanity Fair and More — so there’s always a magazine I’m still reading before the next batch arrive in the mail.  I watch the nightly news either live or recorded, and listen to the first few minutes of the 11:00 news before closing my eyes.  

But we we witnessed the end of the Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Post Intelligencer, we are now anticipating the end of The Boston Globe.  We are told that the tough economy only hastened what was inevitable as fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers, which has drastically reduced much-needed advertising dollars.  

I’m all for change.  I’ve embraced social media.  I can’t imagine living without the internet.  I love searching for any information whenever I want it.  I get some of my news online.  But change is not always good…if this change means losing a major daily newspaper in one of the top media markets.

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