Training Resource for Agency Presenters, Communicators, Managers, Leaders and Client Service Professionals

Discover, Create, Imagine street signsWorking in an agency is unlike other business environments. The workplace is noisier, the pace is faster and the majority of the workforce is younger with shorter attention spans. Therefore agency training needs to deliver the content in ways uniquely served up for this particular audience. Our years of working within and consulting to agencies gives us the necessary perspective to deliver the lessons, insights and skills in a way that captures the workshop participants’ attention with immediately actionable, relevant and practical tips and techniques.

The problems tackled, scenarios explored and facilitated discussions are all customized for each agency. At the end of each training session, the participants have discovered, created and imagined new possibilities. They have stronger skills, new insights and greater confidence. In this global and yet amazingly small world, we run into agency professionals we trained years ago that tell us they use daily the skills they learned in our workshops.

In each of the categories below we’ve listed a few of the workshops we offer:

“Beryl blends hands-on, practical knowledge of the PR industry with high-level expertise in training and development.  She has made a marked difference with our staff…I love that she’s able to connect with every staff level, from senior executives to the account staff in the trenches. I would recommend Beryl to any organization, large and small, in or outside of PR, looking to invest in and grow its talent base.”
(Managing Partner of PR firm)

“The Loeb Group training was awesome – learned a ton, feel excited to integrate all I learned into my presentations starting TODAY”
(Account director at global advertising agency)

“The Loeb Group workshop was extremely helpful. It allowed us to use real examples that will apply to our business and clients.”
(Account director at global advertising agency)

“Really helpful. Wasn’t sure about putting work to the side for a day but it was well worth it.” 
(Account supervisor at global advertising agency)

“I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several training sessions led by Beryl over the past 10+ years.  Beryl has a knack for not only providing valuable insights and advice, but doing it in a creative and practical way that makes it easy for people to implement positive change.”
(VP at PR firm)

Presentation Skills Training For PR, Advertising and Web Marketing Agencies: How to Boost Your Presentation Impact with Clients and Prospects (with videotaped constructive critique)

When your presenters – and their presentations — are deadly dull; when your presenters fail because they are presenting from dense decks with overly cluttered slides; when your presentations don’t connect with your clients and new business prospects; or when your presenters need to rehearse before a major client or new business presentation and really need candid, constructive feedback.

  • Showcase Ideas Not Slides: How to Create Compelling Presentations
  • Polish Your Presentations: How to Confidently Command the Room
  • How to Create a Conversation & Connections With Your Audience: Powerful Storytelling and Other Presentation Techniques That Engage and Persuade
  • How to Move From Anticipation to Accolades: Presentation Fundamentals for Beginning Presenters
  • How to Avoid the Three Biggest Reasons Why Presentations Fail
  • How to Get Heard in the Important, Big Meetings
  • How to Facilitate the Important, Big Meetings
  • When Your Prospects Want to Become Part of Your Team: How to Win New Business Pitches

Sample Loeb Group tools: Presentation Chunking, Presentation Constructive Critique, Leadership Self-Assessments

Management Skills: How to Get Things Done with Your Teams and Team Members (some sessions include videotaped constructive critique)

When people are promoted before they’re ready because of cultural “track” expectations; when a star individual performer is promoted to manager level but doesn’t know where to begin in order to motivate or delegate work to others; when a manager needs to boost a team’s performance and build employee loyalty; when an overworked team is stuck–unmotivated and underperforming; when a manager is spending so much time “putting out fires” that his really great team members feel underappreciated; when a manager lacks the confidence to do his job; or when a manager doesn’t know how to advocate for her team or herself with her boss.

Many management skills workshops include “tag team role-playing,” a technique developed by The Loeb Group for helping workshop participants safely take risks as they explore tough conversations.

  • Becoming a Manager: How to Make the Transition from Individual Performer to Manager
  • How to Cultivate a New Team Energy & Commitment: Team Building for Managers
  • How to Communicate as a Manager: Roadmap for Critical Conversations, Clarifying Vague-isms, Listening to Hear and Feedback that Drives Constructive Change
  • How to Balance the Needs of Your Clients & Your Agency
  • How to Delegate & Boost Performance
  • How to Get Things Done When You’re Not in Charge
  • How to Manage UP: Your Role in Enhancing Your Relationship with Your Manager
  • Strategies & Tips for Successful Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Sample Loeb Group tool: 6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map

Leadership Training: The People Skills It Takes to Lead (some sessions include videotaped constructive critique)

When managers are promoted to company leadership but don’t know what’s really expected of them or how to lead others; when leaders don’t know how to assert a leadership presence in client, new business and agency meetings (and leadership presence doesn’t mean that the leader does all the talking); when a leader doesn’t know how to maintain and drive big-picture perspective and the clients and team are suffering; when leaders aren’t getting the respect they’d like from their clients, teams, managers or peers; or when a good leader is ready to become an even stronger leader.

  • Leadership-Level Communication: Strategies & Tips to Confidently Command the Room
  • Honing A Leadership Mindset and Behaviors: How to Transition from Manager to Leader
  • How to Lead Your Client Relationships: Demystifying Ways to Drive the Client-Agency Relationship
  • Collaborative Leadership Skills: How to Boost Group Commitment and Individual Performance
  • How to Be An Authentic Leader: Play to Your Strengths, Personality & Values
  • How to Expand Your Influence
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence: How to Become Aware of and Manage Emotions in Yourself and Others
  • How to Be a Leader That Your Agency & Client Teams Will Want to Follow

Sample Loeb Group tools: 6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map, Leadership Self-Assessments

Client Service Training: How to Boost the Quality of Agency-Client Relationships (some sessions include videotaped constructive critique)

When you are brand new to client service but want to do a good job; when your relationship with your client looks more like two adversaries than two collaborators; when you’ve assumed the role of order taker; when you’re working too hard to persuade your client to accept your ideas; or when you want to be viewed by your client as a trusted advisor vs. as an expert PR, advertising or marketing vendor.

  • The Difference You Make: How to Build Stronger Client Relationships
  • A Seat at the Client Meeting Table: How to Contribute, Be Heard & Respected for the Value You Bring
  • How to Become a “Trusted Advisor”
  • How to Lead Your Client Relationships: Demystifying Ways to Drive the Client-Agency Relationship
  • Shaping Your Client’s Story: Drive for Message Clarity
  • How to Navigate Through Challenging Client Communication
  • How to Boost Individual and Collaborative Creativity to Solve Your Clients’ Problems

Sample Loeb Group tool: 6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map

Individual & Team Productivity: How to Get the Right Things Done Right

When you’re missing deadlines because the client keeps calling with new and urgent requests and everything else on your to-do list is urgent and important; when your in-box has thousands of e-mails most of which are unread; when you’re trying to multi-task and getting nothing done; or when your team is burnt out by never-ending urgent projects and client demands for more in less time.

  • Strategic & Dynamic Project Management for Managers
  • Exquisite Execution: Strategies & Tips for Juggling & Prioritizing Client Demands, Controlling Digital Distractions and Time Wasters

If you need to boost your new business and client presentation skills, interpersonal communication, leadership, management, client service skills or productivity let Loeb Group training customized for the agency environment help you.