Facilitated Team Building Activities, Retreat Design and Facilitation

stairs leading to skyThere are at least three times when agencies look to an outside facilitator to lead team building or retreats: 1) When a team is stuck, burnt out and their morale, performance and client relationships are suffering; 2) When an agency wants to kick off a major new client relationship or project with an agency-client retreat in order to instill a sense of respectful collaboration, partnership and team spirit; and 3) When an agency is in transition (growth, new management, new direction) and a retreat would help jumpstart the new era.

Agencies look to The Loeb Group to custom design and lead entire retreats, or to inject energy and jumpstart particular discussions with warm-up team-building activities.

“We asked The Loeb Group to design and lead several important client-agency retreats. The agenda, level of engagement, group exercises, collaboration and results always exceeded our expectations.”
(EVP of global public relations firm)

“We grew fast and move at warp speed.  We needed The Loeb Group to help us step back, reflect on our client service and explore ways to step up to a higher level of professionalism.”
(CEO at a web marketing agency)

Loeb Group designed and led retreats and team building boost collaboration, foster new insights and ideas, and help redefine roles, responsibilities and relationships.

Tell us about your unique situation and let us explore with you the type of facilitation that can help you achieve your goals.