Coaching for Spokespersons, Presenters, Communicators, Managers, Leaders and Client Service Professionals

MotivationLoeb Group coaching yields a high return on your investment in an individual with potential. The coaching relationship builds skills, challenges existing mindsets, introduces new perspectives, and boosts confidence. Coaching relationships are typically short-term. The coach and individual, with input culled from a self-assessment and the individual’s supervisor, identify concrete desired outcomes. The descriptions below are potential areas of focus for one-on-one coaching, but as each individual’s needs and goals are different, so is the scope of the coaching relationship.

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Leadership Grooming: How to Command the Room and Inspire Followers

“I can’t tell you the difference this series of sessions has made for me…. So, so helpful.”
(VP and Account Director at global advertising agency)

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with The Loeb Group. The coaching suggestions and approach can be immediately applied on the job – nothing is “hypothetical.”
(VP at global advertising agency)

“Refreshing, insightful, inspiring. These are just a few of the adjectives I’d use to describe Beryl’s approach as a coach, trainer and mentor. Beryl approaches training and coaching situations with a fresh eye, yet has the foresight to be sensitive to company culture, structure and obstacles.”
(Talent Development, global advertising agency)

When managers are promoted into more visible leadership roles in their agencies and in client relationships, they need to learn how to drive the team’s performance and client’s business. They are thrust into elevated expectations of communication in meetings and presentations and would benefit from one-on-one time to boost their clarity, context and confidence.

Sample Loeb Group tool: Coaching Personal Action Plan

New Manager Coaching: How to Transition into Your New Managerial Role

New manager coaching is helpful when a star performer is promoted to manager and would benefit from intensive coaching re: 1) expectations, 2) demystifying the new role and responsibilities, 3) ways to build influence vs. assert power (the old “Get it done because I told you so” just doesn’t work in today’s workplace), and 4) techniques and tips to motivate, delegate and empower team members.

Sample Loeb Group Tool: Coaching Personal Action Plan

Manager Coaching: How You Can Go From Good to Great

The reality is that even long-standing managers benefit from the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day demands and focus on boosting their critical people skills. Coaching is also an opportunity to explore management techniques that Baby Boomers and even Gen X are used to that may not be working anymore with millenials. Coaching is an opportunity to re-ground and re-energize the manager.

Sample Loeb Group handout: Coaching Personal Action Plan

Interpersonal Communication Coaching: How You Can Polish Your Important One-to-One Communication Skills

Many managers in agencies are so busy getting the job done that their interpersonal communication skills become a little “rough around the edges.” Future professional opportunities require some polishing. This coaching introduces new communication skills, strategies and tools for giving feedback about performance, delegating projects, engaging in critical conversations with agency and client audiences, and includes intensive role-playing within the safety of the coaching relationship.

Sample Loeb Group handout: 6-Step Critical Conversation Road Map, Coaching Personal Action Plan

Agency-Specific Presentation Skills and New Business Skills Coaching: How to Boost Your Presentation Impact

Many very smart and competent managers dread presenting to clients or new business prospects.  Often they have trouble finding their own voice and recognize that they would benefit from an intensive, one-on-one focus on their personal presentation style and delivery. All presentation skills coaching include intensive practice (with videotaping) and constructive critique.

Sample Loeb Group handouts: Presentation Chunking, Presentation Constructive Critique, Leadership Self-Assessments

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