Loeb Group Training, Coaching and Facilitation for PR, Advertising and Web Marketing Agencies

Dart boardYour people are your most important asset, clients are king and time is a precious commodity.  That’s the reality in PR, advertising and web marketing agencies.  Your professional development has to be on target: benefit the individual, the agency and your clients and not interfere with meeting the crushing deadlines. And just to raise the stakes even higher, the Gen Y staffers contributing to agencies in increasingly meaningful ways expect that their employers are going to help them hone their skills.

Beryl Loeb has worked within or consulted to agencies for thirty years. She gets the frantic pace, the pressure of demanding clients and the intensely creative and competitive nature of the business. She knows that agency training, coaching, and team building and retreat facilitation need to be 100% relevant, immediately actionable and exquisitely engaging.

“Beryl Loeb sparks the imagination of our people, provides a context for the major business trends we must address, and offers frequent refreshers and helpful perspectives for those immersed in client work. Her work is always thorough, professional, valuable and energetic. And her advice is always sought and trusted.”
(Chairman of a global communications firm)

“Beryl Loeb is the epitome of the ‘consummate professional’ and in her role as trainer, coach, mentor and developer of people she leads, teaches others to stretch to their highest potential as a business professional…. She is a seasoned professional who clients turn to for consulting, coaching and development solutions to business issues and challenges.”
(President and Chief Operating Officer of global advertising agency)

Our clients tell us that Loeb Group trainers lead relevant and compelling sessions that uniquely prepare them to do their jobs.  A testament to the value of Loeb Group agency work is that we maintain long-standing relationships, have served as on-site professional development advisors, and are invited back over and over as a trusted skill-building resource.

The Loeb Group can help you if:

  • You are a public relations, advertising or web marketing agency and your people are your greatest asset but you don’t have a professional development program.
  • You have rolled out too many professional development initiatives to count, but in the past they failed to engage your staff and managers.
  • You spend big bucks to send your staff to external learning opportunities, but the workshops offered are too generic and the take-aways aren’t relevant enough to your business. You’d like to find an agency-relevant training program.
  • You want to promote a manager to a highly visible position with senior-level agency and client responsibility, but the individual has a few specific areas for improvement that keep showing up on performance reviews. One-on-one coaching will help.
  • You or a person you manage are stepping up into a new position with greater visibility and responsibility and need to hone communication skills.
  • You’re promoting a group of star individual performers who will now need to manage a team or you’ve noticed that some experienced managers could use a refresher on important people management skills.
  • Your team is starting a new project with an important client and you’re looking for an expert facilitator to plan and lead a team building retreat to jumpstart a deep collaborative relationship.

Is training, coaching or retreat facilitation what you need to help your people and agency succeed?  Tell us what you’re looking for and let’s discuss how we can help!