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Beryl LoebExperts say that we were most creative and open when we were five years old. Beyond that age we were told to color within the lines and follow the rules. Loeb Group trainers help our clients find their inner five-year olds; we create an environment in which they feel safe to explore new ideas and skills, and take risks.

It’s really all about the people and the chemistry. Our clients respond to the energy, professionalism and commitment Loeb Group trainers bring to each unique relationship.

Beryl Loeb loves what she does and it shows. For Beryl there’s no better job in the world than helping others learn, polish their skills and be more successful. Beryl gets to bring together her experience, expertise, strategic focus and creativity on behalf of her clients. And it’s the nature of her job that she, herself, keeps learning and evolving her skills so that the work she does for her clients is always fresh and timely!

Beryl brings over thirty years of communication, management, client service and training experience to her current roles as Loeb Group founder, senior-level curriculum designer, trainer, coach and facilitator.

It’s Beryl’s agency and corporate background that drives The Loeb Group’s two-audience focus:

  • “Beryl Loeb blends hands-on, practical knowledge of the PR industry with high-level expertise in training and development. She has made a marked difference with our staff…I love that she’s able to connect with every level staff, from senior executives to the account staff in the trenches. I would recommend Beryl to any organization, large and small, in or outside of PR, looking to invest in and grow its talent base.”
    (Managing Partner of PR firm)

    “Refreshing, insightful. Inspiring. These are just a few of the adjectives I’d use to describe Beryl’s approach as a coach, trainer and mentor…. Having heard the buzz around our agency about her skills and impact, it was great to get a first hand experience as one of her ‘students.’ I wholeheartedly recommend Beryl as a trainer, coach and mentor for businesses that wish to innovatively bring their employees to the next level.”
    (Talent Development, global advertising agency)

    Beryl has worked within or consulted to agencies for a good part of her career and has a deep understanding of the firm culture and demands of a client-service business.  She has created on-going professional development programs for agencies, served as an in-house professional development advisor for fifteen years for a global PR firm, and has been brought in to lead workshops and coaching for advertising and web marketing agencies. In addition, Beryl has designed and led retreats for her agency clients and their clients. Prior to forming the Loeb Group, she directed a PR firm where she helped clients launch new products, gain greater market share, and build corporate and product awareness. She planned major events for some of the world’s largest consumer products companies. It was while leading the PR firm that she discovered how much she loved training her clients and staff.

  • On the corporate side, she has worked extensively with senior-level executives at large Fortune 500 and leading private companies in financial services, legal services, healthcare, consumer, technology, and management consulting. In addition, she’s helped build the communication, leadership, management and client services skills of small to mid-sized companies. Beryl’s corporate clients have turned to Beryl to lead workshops, one-on-one coaching and retreats.

Beryl designs or collaborates on all The Loeb Group programs and leads dynamic, results-oriented, mindset and behavior-changing workshops, coaching and retreats.

Orna Drawas
is a speaker, coach and trainer focused on achieving high priority goals. She trains business professionals to drive towards real and measurable results on a daily basis. Orna’s presentations and workshops are fast-paced, memorable and actionable – bringing new ideas to what personal productivity is all about. Her approach is easy to embrace and apply immediately.

Orna’s personal development courses have been given to well over 1,000 business professionals across the country. She adapted the powerful concepts into her new book:  PERFORM LIKE A ROCK STAR and Still Have Time for Lunch which was recently on Amazon’s list of Top 10 Books for Business Success. Additionally, Orna is a guest blogger on many leadership and productivity sites.

Most recently, Orna managed East Coast Field Marketing for Time Warner Telecom where she developed and delivered field-marketing programs in seventeen independent markets. These programs included fundamentally new ways to train sales teams in Best Practices, Productivity Improvement and Team Building.

Orna has a BS in Communications from Boston University and a MBA from Northeastern University.

Please let us know if you’d like to work with Loeb Group trainers to solve your problems, build your skills and more fruitful business relationships.