About The Loeb Group, our Trainers and Clients

Beryl Loeb founded The Loeb Group in 1994 to help corporate executives and agency professionals boost their communication and people skills, accelerate their growth and transform their business through targeted skill building.  The Loeb Group’s approach is characterized by rigorous preparation, dynamic facilitation and absolute integrity.

Who do we work with?

We work with C-level executives, company spokespersons, senior teams and managers within corporations. We lead retreats for companies and their strategic partners or vendors to foster more collaborative relationships. Within agencies we work with all levels of staff–from the senior teams through entry-level staff. We create team building retreats for agency teams and their clients.

How are we different?

“The Loeb Group trainers blend experience, expertise, enthusiasm and motivation to help us learn the skills we need. Far surpassed our expectations!”
(Senior level manager at Fortune 100 technology company)

Our clients tell us our sessions are a uniquely valuable experience. They credit our trainers, the session content and the customized agenda that drives discussion, sharing and skill-building. They appreciate the level of commitment that we make to each client’s success. Our clients tell us that we listen well and that they benefit when we respectfully challenge them, nudging them beyond their comfort zones so that the end result is distinctive, constructive and worth their investment of time and money. They appreciate that our work is grounded in their business, their culture and their needs, and that the training never feels “off the shelf.”

We know that the only thing that really matters to you is how we can help your business and you. Ultimately, the best way to see if The Loeb Group is a good solution for your problems (or opportunities) is to talk with us about your situation, get to know us, hear about our relevant experience and expertise, and take a look at the clients with whom we’ve worked.

Tell us about your business and your needs, and let’s schedule thirty minutes for a first conversation about how we can help you.