The 3 Biggest Mistakes You See in Executive Spokesperson Quotes

A company makes an announcement — ideally about an exciting product or service launch — and typically in about the third paragraph of their news release there’s an executive spokesperson quote. From the company’s perspective this is an opportunity to convey a message in the first person voice that the company hopes will get picked up in media coverage.  From the reader’s perspective, the executive quote is a peek inside the company, a chance to learn a little bit about the company’s personality and values.  But the quote is too often a missed opportunity and a disappointment.

Here are the three biggest mistakes you see in executive spokesperson quotes.

  1. The quote is boring and generic. You learn nothing. Blah, blah, blah. Instead the quote should capture our interest and be specific to that company, that spokesperson and that moment in time.
  2. The quote states the obvious. For example, a CEO saying, “I’m very pleased that our company is growing.”  Really? What a surprising statement.
  3. The quote is written in corporate-speak, overly stilted and formal language. Spokesperson quotes should be in conversational English.  For example, how would that executive share the company’s exciting news if he was speaking one-to-one with someone he likes and respects?

The best executive spokesperson quotes on paper — and when delivered live in an interview — are those that sound trustworthy, reveal the executive’s passion for what he’s announcing, and make a clear point.

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