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“The best coaching session ever in my career.”
(Senior executive at Fortune 500 company)

“This is the most productive work experience I have ever had! Time well spent!”
(SVP at global PR firm)

“Beryl Loeb and The Loeb Group are a class act! Professional, creative, dynamic and enthusiastic. Beryl listens well and adapts to changing conditions.”
(Operations & planning at global management consulting firm)

The business environment today is a blur of urgency, relentless demands and information overload. The Loeb Group specializes in helping corporate executives and agency professionals hone the skills needed to stand out from the crowd and clutter.

We work with business executives, PR, advertising and web marketing agencies looking to boost their communication and people skills, accelerate their growth and transform their business through targeted skill-building.

Our  clients– people in your position –– tell us they see an immediate improvement, feel more confident and capable immediately following their work with the Loeb Group and that their improved skills continue to benefit them throughout their professional careers.

Our clients benefit from our experience helping two distinct audiences, with different demands and organizational dynamics.  Take a closer look at how we can help you and your business:

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